Significance to Humans

Potentially Dangerous, especially for young childeren or elderly people. Bite can cause pain and swelling and possibly other severe symptoms. Apply correct first aid and seek medical attention.

General Description

Often mistaken for small brown snakes by people, whip snakes are readily identified by the "comma" around their eyes. Very common in all areas of Sydney. 

Average Length

65-70cm, but specimens up to 80cm have been recorded.

Habitat in Sydney Region

Dry open areas, open forest, grassland, gardens around suburban homes.

General Habits

Fast moving highly active snake - very active hunter of lizards and skinks.


Lizards and skinks.

Local distribution

Found throughout most Sydney suburbs, particularly on the North Shore, Sutherland area and Northern Beaches.

Around the Home

One of the most common snakes found around homes around Sydney.

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