Significance to Humans

One of the most common snakes on the east coast of Australia and indeed the Sydney area, Red Bellied Black snakes are found in a range of environments and often in suburban backyards. 

General Description

Black above along whole body except Sydney specimens have a tip of snout which is paler brown. Belly has red or pink flush, brighter on the sides & paler in the middle. Red colour is visible along flanks and sides.

Average Length

In Sydney, the average length is about 1.2 meters but specimens have been caught up to about 1.9m

Habitat in Sydney Region

Found in all areas of Sydney.

General Habits

Most commonly seen ffrom mid morning to around 4pm in the afternoon.


Primarily frogs, but also other reptiles (including other snakes) and small mammals such as mice. 

Local distribution

One of the most common snakes to be found in Sydney, in all areas.

Around the Home

Usually found around backyards with an abundance of lizards or frogs (fishponds, unused pools, swampy areas) and usually retreats under concrete slabs, brickwork, retaining walls, roof tiles left on the ground or root systems of tree's. Often seen searching through gardens or basking near its retreat in the mid morning and mid afternoon.

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