Significance to Humans

Non-Venomous, Harmless.

General Description

This common snake is harmless, readily recognised as it is an agile snake with a very slender body and tail. The body colour varies from green to olive-green to black, sometimes even blue, frequently pale yellow on the throat and belly but other pale colours have been noted, blue flecks are present on the flank. Eyes are larger than in most snakes. 

Average Length

1.2 metres but a specimen of 1.96 metres has been recorded.

Habitat in Sydney Region

Found in a variety of habitats ranging from rainforest to woodland to urban areas where it preys on fish, frogs and other small animals.

General Habits

Diurnal (Active by day)


Predominantly frogs and skinks.

Local distribution

Common & widespread throughout Sydney

Around the Home

Found commonly around suburban homes with folliage and bushland nearby. 

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