Significance to Humans

Reluctant to bite but will if handled firmly. Generally strikes with mouth closed. Emits a strong odor from the cloaca if handled firmly. 

General Description

The Keelback is olive brown with irregular dark cross-bands.  The body scales are strongly keeled, producing ridges that run along the snake’s body.  Flecks of pale skin can often be seen through the scales.  The belly is cream and usually flushed with a pink or orange tinge along the edges.  Dark bars can be seen between the sutures on the upper lip scales.  

Average Length

60cm but 80cm specimens have been recorded.

Habitat in Sydney Region

Common in moist localities within wet and dry forest environments. 

General Habits

Near wetlands, swamps, rivers and creeks.


Frogs, lizards and occasionally fish and tadpoles.

Local distribution

Common around creeks, streams and swamplands. 

Around the Home

Found around fishponds, swampy areas and streams. Forages for Frogs and Lizards.

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